Martin Fröst/cbso, at Symphony Hall, Birmingham

Norman Stinchcombe / Birmingham Post

Sep 12, 2018

UK Premiere

25 Nov 2011

Concert Fantastique

  • Martin Fröst
  • City of Birmingham SO
  • Edward Gardner

Symphony Hall

Birmingham, UK

"...Fröst's technical wizardry and engagingly extrovert musical personality make him the ideal interpreter of Swedish composer Rolf Martinsson's Concert Fantastique which received its UK premiere with the CBSO conducted by Edward Gardner. It was heartening to hear a contemporary work being greeted so warmly - deservedly so. The attention-grabbing opening featured dazzling bravura passages for Fröst. Imagine if Gershwin had transcribed The Flight of the Bumblebee for Benny Goodman and you'll get the idea. The concerto's five sections are full of fantasy and contrasts, from a passage where Fröst plays a single tone for a minute without a break to a lush romantic melody worthy of Korngold at his Hollywood ripest..."

Rolf Martinsson is represented by Gehrmans Musikförlag

Photography by Louise Martinsson and video by Tord Martinsson

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